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Triple J Hottest 100

Jan. 18th, 2009 | 07:16 pm

My votes in no particular order:

1. MGMT - Electric Feel
2. Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why
3. Sparkadia - Jealousy
4. Laura Marling - Ghosts
5. Cut Copy - Lights & Music
6. Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris - Dance Wiv Me
7. Howling Bells - Into the Chaos
8. Tame Impala - Half Full Glass of Wine
9. Bon Iver - Skinny Love
10. Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum

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For Noelle's Entertainment on Shift

Jul. 13th, 2008 | 11:55 am

  • First job: Working at a seedy Karaoke Bar in the city which involved walking to my car alone at 3am through the seedy end of town...this is where I gained an appreciation for Chivas Regal and the song "Broken Wings" by Mister Mister
  • First funeral: My godmother's in 2004
  • First pet: Toby our labrador; then an assortment of budgerigars and canaries
  • First piercing: Earlobes
  • First tattoo: not yet
  • First credit card: ANZ credit card when I went to USA
  • First kiss: I distinctly remember making out with a boy called Nathan at day-care, under the table. He smelt of pee.
  • First enemy: Had a cat-fight with a girl called Tamara at day-care; she scratched my arm, I scratched her under her eye. We were made to do 'nap-time' in separate rooms, then had delicious chocolate pudding after we woke.
  • Last car ride: In my car out to dinner with the parents last night
  • Last kiss: Planted one on Mum for her birthday on Thursday
  • Last movie watched: Talledega Nights on DVD
  • Last beverage drank: Milo
  • Last food consumed: Cowpat chocolate from Amanda and Joel
  • Last phone call: From Merry wanting to know where to meet at the Food & Wine Show
  • Last time showered: Last night
  • Last CD played: Air
  • Last website visited: Facebook
  • Single or taken: Single
  • Gender: F
  • Birthday: 11/10/83
  • Sign: Libra
  • Siblings: nil
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eye colour: Darkest brown
  • Shoe size: 5 to 6
  • Height: 152cm
  • Wearing: Pyjamas, nanna-gown and Ugg boots
  • Drinking: An assortment of wines, beers, liquers and scotch yesterday!
  • Thinking about: Tomorrow (utterly terrified)
  • Listening to: The hum of my laptop

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A reassuring note to self

Jul. 6th, 2008 | 09:22 pm

I have one week left on ward 6H before I rotate to Ward 2 at Shenton Park for 6 months.

I refuse to dwell on the negatives for these are going to occur whether I like it or not. I am calmly preparing myself for the stressful working environment, the lack of meal breaks, the lack of sleep, the paperwork and of course, the senior physio who is responsible for all of the above.

For my own sanity, I need to document a list of positives from this move. These are as follows:
- I am looking forward to the extra 45 minutes of sleep. My [supposed] working hours are 8.30-5.00pm.
- I am delighted at the prospect of free parking, saving me $6.70 per day
- I am grateful for Lake Monger on the way home - really need to start serious training for City to Surf
- I can't wait to get back into stroke rehab....hands on, long term patients, seeing them progress from wheelchair to walking
- I am excited about the close proximity to Delish, Floreat Forum, Cambridge Forum, Herdsman Fresh, The Wembley, Tasty Tarts, Subiaco and the beach
- I don't know why, but I'm semi-excited about the prospect of being on-call on rostered weekends (you can call me crazy)... i am sure this will wear off after the first time i'm called in at 3am or something equally ridiculous
- and of course coming back to the big house for Friday drinks at Milligan's :P

Friends who make me laugh, family, food and the thought of finally getting a bit of a break come September - wheee malaysia - are the main things that are keeping me going at the moment. A toast to all of you!

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(no subject)

Mar. 16th, 2008 | 04:01 pm

Well it's been a while!

And must I say how nice it is back on Livejournal, away from the voyeuristic pleasures of Facebook.

Have settled into work and although craving a routine, it's actually not too bad being thrown around to different wards every day... kind of like a baptism of fire. All the physios bar a certain spinster senior (see previous entry around this time last year when I had my neuro prac on the stroke ward) are nice, but I still plan on giving it 18 months to 2 years and then jetting off to the UK to play / work a little. That seems to be the done thing, talking to a few physios who have worked that amount of time and are resigning soon and going travelling. And as expected, hospital bureacracy is not my cup of tea and it would most likely suck my soul dry if I stayed in it for years on end.

Freeway Bike Hike this year completed in 1 hour 45 mins...have been looking through past journal entries to find out what time we did it in in previous years, but can't find it. Now to improve next year! Have been endeavouring to do at least 30 mins exercise everyday for a few reasons - 1) so i can gorge on yummy food relatively guilt-free, 2) to de-stress after work, 3) maintain energy levels during work and 4) get rid of alarming love handles/muffin top!

Have been chatting to Trent since his move to Melbourne - he seems to be settling in well which I knew he would. I think Perth was becoming way too stifling for him. Totally jealous of all the magnificent food/drink/culture he's experiencing - but at the same time glad it's still a novel thing, cos then a trip to the east is extra exciting!
Enjoying being single and perving on hot members of the hospital but boy are they arrogant, yet so magnificent in aesthetics!!!

Off to Hog's Breath tonight. Ciao!

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can't wait for tomorrowwwwwww

Jul. 18th, 2007 | 12:23 pm

OK Livejournal here's what I gotta say:

Shit busy these past few weeks. Seems like an amalgamation of China-related stuff
- self-directed project
- learning Mandarin
- group assignment
- quiz night organising
- thinking about the other stuff I have to do for China

Stint of house-sitting for 10 days, largely unexciting except for
- Noelle bringing over the Wii (we are supreme choppers!)
- close proximity to Herdsman Lake - joined the western suburbs'  walkers, good to zone out

Been sick, been well, been sick again.

Just finished my self-directed proposal and analysis on China.
We have our 2nd language/cultural orientation session tonight....our tutor was going to try and organise for us to go to a Chinese restaurant so fingers crossed that happens.
Got a shitload of stuff from my next-door neighbour's IGA store for donations/food for quiz night.....including 12 bottles of red wine!! I feel indebted to shop at IGA now haha
Trent and I going to Balingup tomorrow til Saturday, is gonna be awesome to just GET. AWAY. from perth and life in perth. we are staying in a cottage "nestled into the forest with views through the trees of the surrounding hills" fuck yes. hopefully it lives up to what i've conjured up in my mind, and not some ramshackle shanty home!
Coming back for the footy (of course). I expect happy times, please, had pretty shitty weekends these past few weeks.
Sunday working 9-2
Learn rest of the Mandarin program before Monday night, last of our language sessions.
Then the rest of the week smashing donations for Quiz Night on Friday night........which you are all coming to!! And you're all going to ask your friends to come too!! (haha i've already told Noelle about my demands)
Oh and Gotye on the Thursday night
And then Lilly Allen + Mexican kitchen (still planned right?) the following Tuesday! woooo!
And then
And then
Leaving for China on Saturday 4th of August. Eee

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the last holidays ever

Jun. 27th, 2007 | 05:25 pm

So I just finished 5 weeks at <insert government organisation here> where I pretty much played with the cutest kids ever (Downs wins hands down) and drove around *meep meep* in nifty toyota corollas to far-out suburbia like Seville Grove and Huntingdale. It was great, pretty cruisy placement compared to others but still had its challenges. I take my hat off to anyone who works in paeds - it's almost like having 2 brains - communicating with the child, communicating with the adult, verbal and tactile cues to get the child to do something so you can observe HOW they do it; explaining to the parent what and why you're doing something in non-jargon WHILST baby-speaking with the kid. Throw in an interpreter or two and it's el confusionne!!
But anyway, I survived and am "working at a new-grad level" which is pretty exciting and all, and as much as I believe in providing services for these families with disabled kids..........working for the government blows. When protocols and red tape take up HALF the team meetings, I knew it was not for me. But it's an awesome friendly place to work, you can have flexi-time and I totally raided the stationery section before I went. Never know, if things look desparate I might end up applying for a job there (since they're continually short-staffed).

Things that excite me:
- CHINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - have started learning [speaking] mandarin - ni hao ma? wo hurn how, sie sie. tsai jien! (pinyin totally incorrect).
- draft placement allocations for next semester: Spinal Unit (yeeeeaaaaahhhhh) at Shents and Cardiopulm Medical at Charlies (potentially boring but it's the stuff that's gonna be in our final oral exam yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh)..........fingers crossed it's stays that way
- organising a quiz night for China........Fri July 27th and YOU'RE ALL COMING!
- Heroes and Prison Break
- movies I intend to see very very soon: Blades of Glory, Transformers, Knocked Up
- FOOD AND WINE NIGHT THIS SATURDEE!!! Mmmm food booze and friends on a stormy winters night....minus an airhead and it may be a perfect night!
- possibility of fitting in a few days down south before August

Things that FAIL FAIL FAIL to excite me:
- blister on side of boob from bra (me: scratches boob, then "wtf is that liquid?!?! oww painy!!")
- ulcer in top right hand corner of mouth (nb: using vegemite to create more pain, failed to make it better)
- scratchy throat
- sprained joint in my neck referring down my back
- hairy legs, hairy armpits; too lazy to do anything about it

prepared roast veggies last night, so there's a fair chance i won't stuff it up come saturday! hoorah.

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incriminating rant

Jun. 4th, 2007 | 01:11 pm

Whenever I hear the opening bars of some songs, they always elicit a strange shiver/tingle throughout my body.

They elicit memories distant, of younger days, of days which allowed hours of day-dreaming and lazing in the sun.

I distinctly remember the time i first heard "Yellow" by Coldplay - the video clip was being played on Video Hits or Rage on Saturday morning. The lyrics caught me first, they had meaning at that particular time, then the tune, then the whole simplicity of the video clip.

I'm listening to the Parachutes album now....Chris Martin's voice raw on this one, less refined. Hands down my favourite Coldplay album.

In the theme of distant memories and such, it pains me that in the foreseeable future at least, keeping friendship with Kr means tolerating fucktards like A, and R. Yeah I saw you A, I saw how as soon as Kr finished telling everyone a story about playing poker, you pulled up a chair to join your bosom buddy R and discussed having a poker night. For the boys, perhaps, since you asked Ke as well, but I can tell, anyone with a brain can tell the way you talk with her and ask her questions you want to win her and get in her pants. You'll probably start inviting yourself over to her house when she moves in, just like you do with others. Spew.
Also, I see already the bonds of a new group forming; all the people mentioned above plus significant others. Good i say, good, form that little incestuous group and go forth and pat yourselves on the back and laugh heartily at how good you are especially at being immature, short-sighted (not in the biological sense) and downright dull.

Yarrrr angst!

thanks goodness for Coldplay.

EDIT: the rest of the weekend however, starting friday night, was all kinds of awesome. FOOOOOD football and friends....and bike-riding! yeaaahh!

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(no subject)

May. 2nd, 2007 | 06:53 pm

Grrrrrrrrrr school of physio coordinators....you suck!

I'm going to China, right, in August.

First they told us it had to be our Rural placement.
Reaction: !!!! aww i really wanted to go country country. damn. eventual acceptance.

Then I found out I'd been given a Rural placement in Esperance, which means China is now my Elective.
Reaction: !!!!???!? wtf? where did this come from? awww man i will spend my bday and grand final day in Esperance, as well as fly in/out to Perth for Trent's sister's wedding. Ahh well, will be good to getaway from Perth!

Then today I got an email saying they'd accidentally allocated my Esperance as my rural, before they found out China should be my rural. My Esperance placement has been CANCELLED.
Reaction: OH FFS.


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(no subject)

Apr. 12th, 2007 | 09:19 pm

new old photos here

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(no subject)

Apr. 11th, 2007 | 11:14 pm

Finished 1st placement on Easter Thursday. My week thus far:

Easter Thursday - yoga, B's house, Allied Health
Good Friday - lazed at home w Trent, fish for dinner, Little Miss Sunshine
Easter Saturday - work, football, Moon
Easter Sunday - church, lunch, afternoon tea, baby-sitting
Easter Monday - D's house for Singstar, BBQ and soccer. Fizzy potato salad
Tuesday - 12 hours of babysitting. Started feeling sick around 3 hour mark
Wednesday - 8am uni for group assignment. came home and slept.

Thursday - babysitting again (visit to Scitech included), no yoga cos sick
Friday - working, haircut, STUDY FOR NEXT PRAC
Saturday - present shopping, STUDY FOR NEXT PRAC, watch derby, party
Sunday - working, STUDY FOR NEXT PRAC

need a break, need a day to do nothing.

I start my next 5-wk prac on Monday at Curtin Physiotherapy Clinic (musculoskeletal outpatients), notorious for being full-on, apparently builds bicep strength (from mobilisations), wrist flexor strength (from writing endless notes) and shrinks the stomach (5 minute lunch breaks). FUN.

in other news, it looks like I'm going to Esperance for 4 weeks in Sept/Oct for my rural placement.....can't wait! but damn that lead poisoning.

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